Davis Publishing Co. – Precious Alex

Another position with Davis Publishing Company. From Precious Alex – or is it Alex Precious?

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Precious   Alex <preciousalex901@yahoo.com>  Tue, Jun 25, 2013 05:31 PM

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Re:   Administrative Assistant

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Precious   Alex <preciousalex901@yahoo.com>



Davis Publishing Company Inc
611 E. 6th Street
Austin, Texas 78701

Position Type: Full-Time/ Part Time.
Job Position: Administrative Assistant /customer service Clerk
Location: Online

Required skill sets:
Strong customer service skills
Organizational skills, detailed orientation, project management skills
Demonstrated ability to change direction in response to changing priorities
Ability to accept and facilitate change
Proficient in the Microsoft Office Suite of products and especially MS Outlook, Excel and Word.
Professional demeanor and strong oral and written communication skills.

After Review of your Resume.You have been considered and selected for the above job position.
An Interview has been scheduled for you,it would hold on WEDNESDAY 26th OF JUNE 2013 by 9AM Central Daylight Time (CDT)and 9AM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) . The Interview would be conducted online through YAHOO INSTANT MESSAGING.
You are advised to download a yahoo messenger and add Mr.Robert Davis ( Hiring Manager).
This is his yahoo id


Make sure you add him to your messenger and you are online for the Interview by 9AM Central Daylight Time (CDT) and 9AM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) .

Recruitment Team.


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